How is it that we can be so hard on ourselve?

Why are we so hard on ourselves yet so kind to everyone else?


I have been so harsh to myself about what I do, how I think, what I wear, my hair,outfit,smell, my own voice,about anything that has to do with me. I have noticed that I am so kind and sweet to everyone around me including strangers saying something nice or a funny positive comment to make them smile. Even if I make a joke about myself or putting  myself down to see a chuckle to make their day.

As I been taking 5 mins to myself a day I am realizing that I am not a good person to ME. Does anyone notice this about themselves?

After months of trying to rehab my heart from hurts in my life, I noticed that making others happy is all I do. Not too often do I do for me..

What do you think I should try to help and be nice to Me?

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