Always expect the unexpected.,

In this crazy little world they call life, I have learned from early age to always remain happy. No matter if we plan or schedule our day seems like the routine always alters in a small or huge way. Now in my mid years of life expecting the unexpected keeps the suspense in each day differently.

If we try and remember a day within the last month that we had appointments, meeting, special occasion or a appointed gathering which we were expected to be prompt. An event that we plan ahead for our minds predict the day and we pick out an outfit or arrange certain meals to be feeling good and healthy.

Time in the reality gives people a organized sequence to when is proper to do things throughout our daily tasks. Sunrise to sunset the world revolves together to grow people, animals and plants with the sun going up till it drifts to bed when the moon starts work. The funny part of the universe is that God is the controller of every second and guides us with the planned  and each curve ball situation that sends us on an uproar,, thr unexpected. I Smile through the tarty times and laugh if I dont always have the day as I wanted. Lets start to be more relaxed when I eyes open in the morning till we close our eyes at night,,WHy ??? I say because the unexpected almost every time teaches a new lesson and when we make perfect timing then we see why living in ease is the way intended till eternity. Lets try and make everyday a wonderful moment in our journey:)

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