Oh lovely February

Seems like the whole world is wrapped up in the daily routines of house, car money, eating, sleeping and fulfilling a selfish need to feel great about ourselves. Why is it that only in tragedy, deaths and births do we think about something bigger then our human self. Through out our days we need to more aware of the purpose we all have in connection to on another to make this world a happier positive place to live.

What do you think about taking 5 minutes a day to start a new way of thinking???

Start by being thankful for what u have already……

I am so thankful for my kids, my gift to be a hair stylist, ability to cook yummy food and also blessed to have great heart to love everyone…

Let this month of February be a game changer in your own life!

Oh lovely January, my birth month!

God has placed me gently in this world to be the heart for all that has been hurt, betrayed, pumbled innocence or just had an accidental pain to the heart. I will listen love and always care because my Purpose is to always love unconditional.

Welcome to follow,like,share or just peek once in a while to see how life in my journey is going.

Love you all

Mama dukes

Count down till Christmas,,
Here’s my letter to “Santa”

Santa ai have been a good girl, please can I have this year…
1. Real live baby doll
2. Cash register with money
3. Wooden doll house and furniture
4. Girl talk game
5. Roller skates with pompoms
6. Paints, stickers, art table
7. Lots of candy
8. A monkey
9. A big sister to have on call
10. A kiss under a mistletoe

Thank you and promise to be good 2020 too.
Hillary Lynn

So the holiday weekend begins,,


Picnics,,, nah

Family get together,,, nah

Relaxing ,, heck yah

Is it not normal to not have plans??

Taking mental vacation from everyone’s gabbing